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Universal 360° Rotation Car Clip Sun Visor Phone Holder Rearview Mirror Mount

Universal 360° Rotation Car Clip Sun Visor Phone Holder Rearview Mirror Mount

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A car sun visor phone holder that breaks the traditional way of use, with a new design and a new experience.
At the same time, it is a multi-functional bracket, which can be used in the car rearview mirror, car sunroof, car rear seat, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and even online classes for students.
In short, it can be used wherever it can be clipped.


-Say goodbye to traditional air outlets and suction cup installation design. Innovative elastic clip sunshade, 1080 degrees free rotation.
-1080° free rotation. Give you the desired angle, no matter where it is placed on the visor, you can find the angle you want.
-Can be used vertically. The mobile phone will not fall when placed upside down, multi-scenario use multi-angle rotation, free adjustment, and better user experience.
-More attention to detail. The mantis-shaped design makes the product more interesting, the details of the aero-painted buttons show the taste, the high-strength electroplating spring is clamped tightly without deformation, and the high-end carbon fiber texture is more suitable for the car.
-Large opening to fit all models. Special materials + strong spring clips are tight and not deformed, adapt to AR real-world navigation, and make driving more fun. Experience the better use experience of the technology sun visor bracket, the new AR navigation mode, simple travel and safer.
-Universal for all types of mobile phones. The clamp arm can be flexibly adjusted, suitable for mobile phones from 4 inches to 7.2 inches.
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