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Cygnett V-Dual Classic 2-in-1 Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder

Cygnett V-Dual Classic 2-in-1 Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder

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The V-Dual Classic 2-in-1 Ring Light is the perfect addition for all your smartphone video, vlog, selfie, and make-up needs. Using this ring light will help highlight your face in imagery and videos, creating a soft glow that eliminates blemishes and shadows so you can captivate your followers. The double-ring light design is perfect for images or videos with multiple people. The V-Dual Classic is highly portable with a convenient base clamp that can be attached in any room, including at your desk, in the kitchen, or even in the bathroom.

Create content like a pro

Use the V-Dual classic to provide the perfect light for make-up applications, online tutorials, portraits & selfies, adding colour effects, vlogging, content creation and even video conference calls.

Enhance the look and feel

Change the look and feel of your pictures or videos thanks to 2 adjustable lights with 48 LEDs each, 3 lighting modes, adjustable brightness levels, and colour temperature adjustment.

- 3 x colour temperature modes (warm white, neutral white, cool white.)
- 10 x brightness levels (440 LM Max)
- Colour temperature 3000K to 6500K

Easy to use

A flexible, built-in smartphone mount allows you to position your camera where you need it to be, and a handy base clamp provides a sturdy application to desks, kitchen benches, etc.

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