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OtterBox Fast Charge Qi Wireless Power Bank 10,000 mAh - Black

OtterBox Fast Charge Qi Wireless Power Bank 10,000 mAh - Black

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  • Up to 3.6X faster charging* so you won’t miss the moments that matter most
    USB-A and Fast Charge USB-C ports allow for multi-device charging
    Supports wireless charging through 10W Qi Wireless output
    Works flawlessly to wirelessly charge through your favorite OtterBox cases and screen protectors
    Easy alignment Qi Wireless indicator pad for steady and secure wireless charging
    Battery capacities range in size from a quick boost to multiple complete refuels
    LED power indicator displays charging status and current battery life
    Sleek, quality finish fits into the tightest pockets
    Durable design engineered with trusted drop protection
    Includes a USB-A to USB-C cable (15CM/6IN) to charge your device or recharge the Power Bank
    Works with your favorite cable and Apple, Samsung, LG, Google and many other Qi wireless-enabled devices
    Supports USB Power Delivery fast charging technology

    Qi Wireless Compatible Devices
    Lightning to USB-C Cables
    USB-C to USB-C Cables
    Lightning to USB-A Cables
    USB-C to USB-A Cables
    Micro-USB to USB-A Cables
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