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Metal Age Gravity Car Mount Silver Baseus

Metal Age Gravity Car Mount Silver Baseus

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- Gravity air outlet car phone holder

- Easy to use - Without annoying adjusting. Thanks to the auto clip, the holder is always ready to put down and ready to take away.

- Fully adjustable - Full 360 view with easy 90 horizontal and vertical angle rotations.

- Antishock design †Special triangle design makes the mount stable as a mountain.

- Durable and reliable - Made of high-quality ABS material with aluminum clips and panel.

- Convenient and timely charging †Easy access to the home touch and charging holes. You can charge your phone without taking it out from the holder.

- Enhanced protection with silicone cover †The inner clip is protected with silicone material that can prevent minor scratches on the phone cover.



Brand: Baseus

Name: Metal Age Gravity Car Mount

Material: ABS + aluminum alloy

Fixed position: Air outlet

Weight: 150 g

Compatibility: Mobile phones with 4-6 inch screens

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